Limited Competition: AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC) (UM1 Clinical Trial Required)

Application or LOI Due Date
LOI due 12/10/19. Application due 1/10/20.
Brief Description

The purpose of the proposed Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to enable the provision of support for AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC).

AMC is a major infrastructure intended to stimulate cooperative research efforts in the following areas:

Design, development, and evaluation of clinical interventions for the prevention and treatment of HIV-associated malignancies;

Development of more effective therapeutics and management strategies for HIV-associated malignancies;

Investigation of the biology of HIV malignancies within the context of clinical trials;

Management of issues of international importance in HIV associated-malignancies; and

Distribution of excess tumor tissue and other relevant biologic fluids to the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource for ongoing or future investigations.

The AMC must consist of the following functional units: a Coordination Center; Clinical Trial Sites; Network Laboratories; and a Statistical Center. The AMC team must have scientific disease-oriented Working Groups to study Kaposi Sarcoma, Lymphoma, Human papilloma virus-associated cancers, and non-AIDS-Defining cancers. The Network Laboratories will be responsible for routine clinical trial support activities, pathogenesis-driven correlative studies, and clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics studies of anticancer/antiviral interactions. All clinical trials to be conducted by the AMC must be available to subjects of all racial/ethnic groups.