DF Research Awards Program

Dermatology Foundation
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Brief Description

The DF's Research Awards Program offers a variety of research awards intended to further the specialty and enable advancements in patient care. An emphasis is placed on supporting research that benefits the dermatology community at large and has significant potential to advance patient care. It is the expectation that the recipients of Foundation awards will be tomorrow's expert teachers, innovative investigators and master clinicians in dermatology.

All DF-funded research must be conducted in the U.S. under the sponsorship of a department/division of dermatology that is ACGME-approved for training in dermatology. Applicants must meet the DF's general eligibility requirements, in addition to award-specific requirements presented on or before the time of funding. Minority applicants are encouraged to apply.

The Dermatology Foundation encourages applications concerning health issues impacting minority groups, including, but not limited to, racial minorities, sexual­ gender/LGBTQ minorities, and underserved/disadvantaged populations.

Now Accepting Applications for 2021

The Dermatology Foundation is now accepting applications for 2021 career development awards, fellowships, and grants. Interested individuals are encouraged to carefully read the general and award-specific eligibility requirements before completing an application package. Applications received after the October 15 deadline cannot be considered for funding. Funding begins July 1, 2021.