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Active funding opportunities

Chordoma Immunotherapy Grants

For the second year in a row, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) and Chordoma Foundation will continue their research partnership to jointly fund chordoma-focused immunology grants awarded under CRI’s Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP). CLIP grants provide catalytic support for translational research to explore clinically relevant immunotherapy-related questions. The goal for this special call-out for chordoma proposals is to support pre-clinical and translational research aimed to study important topics at the intersection of laboratory and clinical research in order to optimize and advance cancer immunotherapies for chordoma patients. CLIP awards provide up to $200,000 over a 2 year period to be used for salary, technical assistance, supplies, capital equipment, or scientific travel.

Please note that the Chordoma Foundation has chordoma models and banked tumor samples that are available to the research community. Please contact Joan Levy, Director of Research, at for additional information.


Candidates for a CLIP grant must hold a faculty appointment as a tenure-track assistant professor (or higher rank) at the time of award activation. Research supported by the award may be conducted at medical schools and research centers in the United States or abroad. Please note that CLIP grants do not support research at for-profit institutions.

Key dates

  • Letter of Intent (LOI): November 1, 2020
  • Notification to submit a full grant proposal: December 15, 2020
  • Full application due: February 1, 2021 (close of business)
  • Award notification: June 2021

Please click here to access the CLIP application guidelines and begin the application process.  

Inquiries should be addressed to:

Lynne A. Harmer, Director of Grants Administration and Special Events, CRI
(212) 688-7515 x226

Please note: For those applicants who submitted an LOI during the 2019-2020 cycle and would like to resubmit, please reflect on any progress made since the previous submission, with changes to the LOI highlighted.


Drug Screening Program RFP

The Foundation provides in-kind drug screening through our Drug Screening Program, testing selected drugs in a panel of well-characterized chordoma xenograft models. To date, over 45 drugs or combinations have been tested in a variety of PDX and CDX models. Data on the majority of drugs tested can be found here.

In addition to this in vivo testing service, the Foundation is offering a new in vitro drug screening service to rapidly assess new drugs and combination approaches. Nominated drugs can be tested for their effects on chordoma cell viability in a number of validated cell lines in a rapid and efficient manner through a centralized laboratory.

RFP and applications

Information on this program is detailed in the RFP. Please use the following application forms to submit a proposal for in vitro and in vivo testing.

Key dates

Applications for both in vitro and in vivo concepts will be accepted on a rolling basis from non-profit and for-profit institutions and should be sent to


To inquire about this program please contact

Multi-omics RFP

This funding opportunity is to support research that will utilize integrated multi-omics analyses to elucidate drivers of progression and metastasis and/or define clinically relevant biological differences between tumors of different anatomic locations. The types of analyses could include but are not limited to datasets generated from interrogation of the genome, transcriptome, proteome, phosphoproteome, metabolome, and immunome of chordoma tumors and the surrounding microenvironment. The scope of work could include deep analysis of multiple existing “omics” datasets on chordoma patient samples and/or generation of new “omics” datasets on banked tumor samples. Different levels of funding are available.


Please review the following RFP for details about how to submit a Letter of Intent:

Key dates

Letters of Intent are due September 30, 2020.


To inquire about this program please contact