Development of Highly Innovative Tools and Technology for Analysis of Single Cells (STTR) (R41/R42)

Brief Description

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) encourages Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) grant applications from small business concerns (SBCs) to develop and validate next-generation single cell analysis technologies and tools. The purpose is to foster the commercialization of innovative single cell analysis technologies for their broad use in biomedical research. The novel single-cell analysis technologies will aid in obtaining a fine-grained and dynamic view of heterogeneous cellular states and intercellular interactions, thereby providing new mechanistic insight into biological processes in health and disease. Applications should define the current state of technologies and tools as a benchmark against which the new approach(es) will be measured. The new approach(es) should provide substantially improved performance in sensitivity, selectivity, spatiotemporal resolution, scalability, multiplexing capability, or non-destructive analysis of molecular or functional measures of single cells.

A companion FOA to support SBIR Grants is also available see  PA-17-147