Academic-Industrial Partnerships to Translate and Validate in vivo Cancer Imaging Systems (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Brief Description

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to stimulate translation of scientific discoveries and engineering developments in imaging or spectroscopic technologies into methods or tools that address problems in cancer biology, risk of cancer development, diagnosis, treatment, and/or disease status.

A distinguishing feature of each application will be formation of an academic-industrial partnership, which is a strategic alliance of investigators in academic, industrial, and any other entities who work together as partners to identify and translate a technological solution or mitigation of a cancer-related problem.

The goals for proposed technologies are imaging applications in clinical trials, clinical research, non-clinical research, and/or patient care. Among other possibilities, they may include pre-clinical imaging investigations or investigations that combine patient specimens and pre-clinical methods, or optimizations of methods across different commercial platforms, sites, or time.