NIH Brain Development Cohorts (NBDC) Biospecimen Access (X01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Application Due Date
LOI due 30 days before application due date
Brief Description

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive DevelopmentSM (ABCD) Study is the largest longitudinal study of brain development and child health in the U.S., collecting data from more than 11,000 children across the country beginning when they were 9-10 years old and continuing for a decade. In addition to behavioral assessments, youth undergo neuroimaging and provide biospecimens, including oral fluids for hormone analysis, urine and hair for substance use and exposure, deciduous teeth for environmental exposures, and blood for genetic analysis and metabolic and hematologic assays.

This initiative allows investigators to apply for access to biological samples from the ABCD Study®. More information about the ABCD Study can be found on the NIDA ABCD Study web page. Additional information about this resource is available on the NIDA funding opportunities page, under Supplemental Information for NOFOs. ABCD Study biospecimens are managed through the NIH Brain Development Cohorts (NBDC) Biorepository and Analysis Center, which offers a web portal with services related to biospecimen access. Visit the NBDC portal to query available samples using the Biospecimen Explorer, submit a Biospecimen Availability Inquiry to determine the resource availability and impact on existing samples, and learn more about this resource.