DoD Pancreatic Cancer Focused Pilot Award

Application Due Date
Brief Description

The PCARP Focused Pilot Award supports the exploration and development of impactful and innovative concepts under two patient-centered focus areas of pancreatic cancer research that could ultimately lead to major advancements that will have a profound effect on patients’ overall quality of life.


Examples of studies appropriate for the PCARP Focused Pilot Award include, but are not limited to:


  • Investigations into behaviors that affect access to health care,


  • Correlations between mental health and/or cancer-related outcomes and quality of life,


  • Strategies to overcome psycho-social issues,


  • Behavioral studies that examine quality of life, decision-making and/or cognitive function research,


  • Development and pilot testing of nutritional or educational interventions, and symptom management.


To foster advancement in these understudied areas of research, preliminary data is allowed, but not required. All projects should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on strong scientific rationale. Research supported by this award should strive to produce robust preliminary data that can be used as a foundation for future clinical or real-world research application.


Clinical research studies are allowed; however, interventional clinical trials are beyond the scope of this funding mechanism and will not be supported.