Duke Specialized Program in Research Excellence (SPORE) in Brain Cancer Career Enhancement Program (CEP)

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Brief Description

Purpose: The CEP of the Duke University SPORE in Brain Cancer supports promising individual or collaborative pilot research projects that have a translational1 potential and are likely to generate new knowledge with a high probability to impact the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of adult and/or pediatric brain tumors. In accordance with NIH provisions, all funded CEP projects that have strong translational potential may become full projects in the SPORE. Although both clinical and laboratory research projects are eligible for funding, the translational emphasis of the program requires that the hypotheses in all projects have the potential to impact the incidence and mortality of brain cancer or improve the quality of life for primary brain cancer patients. These projects, however, do not have to reach a human endpoint during the project period, but should, ideally, utilize human cells or tissues, and/or have the potential to translate to the human context. The resources of the Duke SPORE in Brain Cancer, including the SPORE Biospecimen, Pathology, and Immune Monitoring Core, are available to all investigators and those interested in utilizing these resources should consult with the appropriate Core leaders. Innovative projects are encouraged. We particularly wish to encourage women and minority investigators, investigators from minority and other area institutions, as well as individuals who have not previously worked in the brain tumor field to apply. Applications for scientific teams and scientists exploring new areas of investigation are encouraged. Duke is an equal-opportunity employer, and we value diversity in all of its many facets and meanings.