National Partnerships to Promote Cancer Surveillance Standards and Support Data Quality and Operations of National Program of Cancer Registries

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Brief Description

National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) supports registries that collect and submit data within a complex data ecosystem dependent on standard setters to define data items, health care providers and laboratories to report data, registry staff to collect and curate the data, and information systems to enable data exchange.  The approach of this NOFO is to enable organizations who have a long-standing history of contributing to population-based cancer surveillance to apply their strengths and experience to work in tandem on cancer surveillance data standards and processes relevant to NPCR data collection.  All recipients will be directed to develop and use standards, guidelines, and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of NPCR data collection.  Together, recipients will share information and collaborate on designing, testing, mapping and/or implementing common data across their respective organizations.  Recipients are also expected to provide education to central cancer registries staff and data reporters on current, new, and emerging cancer data standards and collection.

The NOFO will support three recipients.  In addition to working collaboratively on the above strategies, each recipient will focus on a specific set of activities (component) relevant to their organizational mission. 

For Cancer Data Standards Integration (Component 1) recipient will manage the overall coordination of data item development, vetting, and definitions to be included in North American data standards, evaluate the alignment of NAACCR standards with current and emerging national healthcare data standards, and educate NPCR registries on data collection and evaluation to support high-quality data and central cancer registry practice.

For Cancer Staging and Care Quality (Component 2), recipient will bridge clinical expertise on TNM cancer staging and cancer quality care measurements with the cancer surveillance system operations, including assessment and incorporation of shared data items into NPCR software. Recipient will also provide education to NPCR and registry staff.

For Electronic Cancer Pathology and Laboratory Reporting (Component 3) recipient will develop and maintain interoperable cancer pathology and biomarker reporting laboratories standards and engage in demonstration projects to facilitate report into NPCR registries.