SWOG Trial Support (STrS)

The Hope Foundation
Brief Description

SWOG Trial Support (STrS) is a peer-reviewed program administered by The Hope Foundation in conjunction with SWOG. STrS is designed to support qualified trial components that occur during the time of patient enrollment to avoid delay of trial activation or, in some cases, to ensure real-time collection of additional critical data.

Qualifying trial components may include those that are outside of the SWOG-supported norm, such as atypical requests for tissue and/or data, provision of materials to trial sites, or PROs.

In most instances, qualifying applications will fund core trial components or integral biomarkers and TM- related work. However, to further support critically important TM that is not funded by industry, and that has been previously submitted and denied to BIQSFP, the review committee will consider funding integrated biomarkers. Integrated biomarkers that are included for support under this mechanism must be highly likely to inform future SWOG protocols, demonstrating strong potential to ultimately impact SWOG patients.

STrS funding is not intended for salary support of Principal Investigators or Co-PIs.