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Grants underlie most cancer research. Increased competition for fewer resources means the success rate for federal grant applications has dropped significantly. This drop is especially worrisome when we think about what it means for our younger investigators, who are trying to build a successful research career.

This virtual course is designed for early stage investigators preparing for future grant submissions, including career development awards (i.e., K awards, K equivalents) and pilot/research grants (i.e., R03, R21, etc.). These are offered without cost to members of SWOG and other National Clinical Trials Network groups.

Investigators will participate in bi-weekly sessions over a 6-week period, including didactic lectures on grantsmanship and biostatistics, peer review sessions, and tips on how to complete various grant sections. There will be direct verbal feedback from peer reviewers with expertise in various research fields and experience in successful grant-writing, as well as access to biostatistical support. Before starting the course, participants will need to provide the grant mechanism and grant deadline, as well as the working title for their proposal.

Sessions include:

  • Introduction to grant writing
  • Presentation of specific aims
  • Discussion of research plan/biostatistics
  • Peer review of research strategy
  • Discussion of the career development plan and other grant sections
  • Peer review of the full grant