DOD Lung Cancer Concept Award

Application Due Date
Brief Description

The intent of the FY23 LCRP Concept Award is to support innovative, non-incremental, high-risk/potentially high-reward research that will provide new insights, paradigms, technologies, or applications in lung cancer. Studies supported by this award are expected to lay the groundwork for future avenues of scientific investigation. The proposed research project should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on a sound scientific rationale and study design. Research applications only in the area of mesothelioma will not be accepted.


Inclusion of preliminary data is not required but is allowed. The strength of the proposed research should be based on sound scientific rationale and logical reasoning. The presentation of substantial preliminary data suggests that the proposed research project would be more appropriately submitted to a different FY23 LCRP funding opportunity. The outcome of research supported by this award should be the generation of robust preliminary data that can be used as a foundation for future research projects. Absence of preliminary data will not negatively affect scientific or programmatic review of the application.


Care Delivery and Health Disparity Option: The FY23 LCRP Concept Award mechanism encourages applications that specifically address the comprehensive lung cancer care and/or health disparities FY23 LCRP Areas of Emphasis by offering a Care Delivery and Health Disparity option. Applications from the Care Delivery and Health Disparity option will be peer and programmatically reviewed separately from applications submitted to the Cancer Research Continuum option.