DOD Lung Cancer, Translational Research Award

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Brief Description

The FY23 LCRP Translational Research Award mechanism supports advanced translational research that will foster transformation of promising ideas in lung cancer into clinical applications. Translational research may be defined as an integration of basic science and clinical observations. Observations that drive a research idea may originate from a laboratory discovery, population-based studies, or a clinician’s firsthand knowledge of patient care. The ultimate goal of translational research is to move a concept or observation forward into clinical application. However, Principal Investigators (PIs) should not view translational research as a one-way continuum from bench to bedside, but can include a reciprocal flow of ideas and information between basic science and clinical science (bench to bedside and/or bedside to bench). Research applications only in the area of mesothelioma will not be accepted. This mechanism is intended to fund a broad range of translational studies with two different funding levels. The following are general examples, although not all-inclusive, of the type of research projects that would be appropriate to propose under the current program announcement: