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Innovators in Science Award

Established in 2016, the Innovators in Science Award is administered by the New York Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Takeda. This global award recognizes the contributions of both a promising Early-Career Scientist and an outstanding Senior Scientist to biomedical science and is intended to support their commitment to innovative research. Select international institutions are invited to submit nominations. Each winner receives an unrestricted prize of US$200,000 for their excellence in, and commitment to, innovative science that has significantly advanced a rotating focus area. Focus areas include Neuroscience, Regenerative Medicine, Rare Diseases, Gastroenterology, and Cancer Immunology.

The 2024 award will recognize research in Cancer Immunology

The 2024 Innovators in Science Award will recognize achievements in Cancer Immunology. We welcome nominations from government, non-profit, or equivalent institutions around the world, as well as from the Award’s own Scientific Advisory Council, composed of renowned science and technology leaders. Prize winners will be chosen by a panel of judges independently selected by the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Awards will be conferred at a ceremony in early 2024.

Cancer remains the second-leading cause of death worldwide, and the global burden is expected to rise as the population grows and ages.1 Despite major advances in the drug development pipeline, about only 11% of new cancer therapeutics make it into the clinic.2 This Award recognizes bold, creative scientists seeking to increase our molecular and immunological understanding of cancer and inform novel therapeutic approaches.