CSR&D Merit Review Award (Precision Oncology Actively Managed Portfolio) (I01)

US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
Application Due Date
Brief Description

Precision oncology (PO) is about applying the most appropriate treatment to the right patient at the right time informed by an understanding of the relevant molecular characteristics of the patient and their cancer. Precision oncology incorporates patient genetic information, tumor genomic and clinical data, molecular-driven precision tumor targeting, as well as other unique personalized or tumor specific information that may to inform risk prediction, diagnosis, treatment, and response.

Awards under this RFA will focus on precision oncology-based approaches from preclinical through implementation science, and although broad in its scope a major emphasis will be on translation and clinical research to impact clinical practice and inform healthcare decision making. The studies will be part of an Actively Managed Portfolio (AMP). PO AMP is one of the VA Research Enterprise transformation initiatives. This RFA is open to applications from all ORD research services provided the proposed research is within the scope of precision oncology, takes a team-based approach (see below) and qualifies for one of the two types of accelerated review described below. During scientific peer review, reviewers will be selected with the appropriate expertise to match the discipline of the proposed research. All applications under this RFA will be administered through CSR&D.

Applications under this RFA will take a team-based approach and utilize enterprise-wide infrastructure, teams with multidisciplinary expertise, resources, strengths of facilities and patient population (i.e., the scope of the project should be beyond an individual research project or investigator and is best achieved though the combined efforts of investigators across VA harnessing the resources and expertise within (and outside if applicable) the VA enterprise. This research should also address a high clinical need, have a high impact or high potential to be translated into healthcare practice and/or decision making.