DOD Melanoma Translational Research Award

Application or LOI Due Date
Brief Description

The FY21 MRP Translational Research Award (TRA) supports hypothesis-driven, translational, high-impact research. The TRA mechanism encourages applications with mature research projects that specifically focus on critical scientific or clinical melanoma issues, which, if successfully addressed, have the potential to make a major impact. Important factors under consideration will be continuity of research, clinical applicability, and leveraging of clinical samples from clinical trials and/or biorepositories. The TRA supports identifying scientific outcomes, through rigorous, robust research, that are translatable toward treatment and/or preventive strategies. Proposed research should be mature and well developed. Research proposed should aim to accelerate promising findings toward clinical applicability and leverage research results to maximize impact. The TRA is not intended to study research into clinical utility of PD-1 in combination with other therapeutics, or studies utilizing established cell lines.