DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer, Career Development Award

Application or LOI Due Date
Brief Description

The PRCRP is seeking to advance cancer research through development of early-career investigators. Depending on the accomplishments of the candidates, the PRCRP offers two distinct early-career development options for the Career Development Award: the Fellow Option and the Virtual Cancer Center Scholar Option. The PRCRP is not offering the Career Development Award – Virtual Cancer Center Scholar Option in FY21.  Applicants applying to the FY21 Career Development Award must apply through the Fellow Option only.  Under this award mechanism, the early-career investigator is considered the Principal Investigator (PI), and the application should focus on the PI’s research and career development. Preliminary data are not required.  However, logical reasoning and a sound scientific rationale for the proposed research must be demonstrated. This award supports impactful research projects with an emphasis on discovery.  The FY21 Career Development Award – Fellow Option supports independent, early-career investigators (referred to as Fellows) to conduct impactful research with the guidance of an experienced cancer researcher (i.e., Career Guide) and presents an opportunity for Fellows to obtain the funding, guidance, and experience necessary for productive, independent careers at the forefront of cancer research.