Revision Applications for Incorporation of Novel NCI-Supported Technology to Accelerate Cancer Research (U2C Clinical Trial Optional)

Application or LOI Due Date
LOI due 1/22/21 for application due date of 2/22/21. Other deadlines: 5/27/21 and 9/29/21 - LOI required and due 30 days prior to app due date.
Brief Description


The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to encourage revision applications (formerly called "competing revisions") from currently funded NCI U2C Resource-Related Multi-Component Projects and Centers proposing to expand upon original research question(s) from specific projects or otherwise accelerate progress for the parent study by incorporating a new technical approach or instrument developed through support from the NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program. Awards from this FOA are meant to incentivize independent validation and to accelerate the suitability of these emerging technologies for appropriate research communities. It is further expected that these activities would offer corroborative data to enhance the rigor of new findings and allow deeper probing into targeted cancer biology than would otherwise have been possible.

This FOA will utilize the NIH Resource-Related Multi-Component Projects and Centers (U2C) mechanism and targets currently funded NCI U2C-supported awardees with at least one year left at the estimated time of award. Applicants cannot request funds beyond the end date of the parent award.

The IMAT Program

Since its inception in 1998, the IMAT Program has focused on stimulating and accelerating the development, integration, and dissemination of highly innovative molecular and cellular analysis and biospecimen science technologies in support of cancer research and clinical care. Together with the NCI's other technology-focused programs, the IMAT program supports the development of tools and methods that enable new discoveries, enhance our understanding of cancer etiology and proliferation, improve detection capabilities, develop diagnostic methods and treatment strategies, conduct population-scale studies, address and reduce disparities in clinical care, and assist in clinical decision- making.

A description of the funding opportunities for the NCI IMAT Program can be found here. A listing of the technologies supported by the IMAT program can be found here. Investigators are encouraged to reach out to the Scientific/Research Contact listed below for assistance in finding suitable technology platforms to address needs in the parent project.

Non-Responsive Projects

IMPORTANT NOTE: Researchers uncertain as to whether their research aims and the technology development project intended for this application meets the requirements of this FOA are encouraged to contact the Scientific/Research Contact listed below.

See Section VIII. Other Information for award authorities and regulations.

    • Applications seeking to incorporate technology platforms that are commercially available to the research community are not suitable for this FOA.
    • Applications proposing to incorporate technologies that were not developed through the support of the NCI IMAT program.