Prostate Cancer Disparities Project Competitive Grant Program

American Cancer Society and Pfizer Global Medical Grants
Application or LOI Due Date
LOI due date: August 13, 2020
Brief Description

The intent of this grants project is to support quality improvement projects that reduce disparities impacting Black men facing prostate cancer.

It is expected that projects are built on the foundation of an evidencebased approach and the proposed research/evaluation plan will follow generally accepted scientific principles. During review, the intended outcome(s) of the project will be given careful consideration and projects with the maximum likelihood to directly impact patient care and those that may be scaled or replicated will be given high priority.

The intent of the collaboration is to support proposals addressing prostate cancer disparities along the continuum of care.

Example project proposal topics:

• Screening (e.g., utilizing shared decision making)
• Diagnosis (e.g., use of MRI to stage disease)
• Treatment selection (e.g., active surveillance)
• Treatment outcomes
• Clinical trials accrual
• Access to care (e.g., social support, navigation, geographic barriers)
• Delays in diagnosis, treatment, and/or healthcare delivery

It is not our intent to support clinical research projects. Projects evaluating the efficacy of therapeutic or diagnostic agents will not be considered.