AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA)

Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Brief Description

The AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) assists faculty, PhD candidates, and graduate students with research to advance the frontiers of machine learning (ML) and its application across a wide range of problems---from finding new therapies for cancer to solving climate change and exploring outer space. MLRA provides eligible researchers and university programs cash awards and AWS Promotional Credits so that they can do more faster using the most advanced compute, analytics, and machine learning tools available in the cloud.

Machine learning is still in its evolutionary stage with much of the progress coming from research on innovative algorithms, better data collection and preparation methods, and newer techniques such as reinforcement learning. Until recently, lack of access to the latest compute, storage, and networking has been a blocker for ML research. MLRA solves this problem by offering unrestricted cash awards and access to cutting-edge infrastructure and managed services through AWS Promotional Credits for selected applicants. MLRA also offers award recipients opportunities to participate in AWS events and receive live one-on-one training sessions with AWS data scientists and engineers.