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Pediatric Cancer Research
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Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Grants

LOI Submissions for 2024 Open January 8th

A Letter of Intent is required in order to be invited to submit a grant application. Please refer to specific guidelines which can be found under Funding Process.

Grant Information & Procedures

At PCRF, we are unique in our approach to funding childhood cancer research — working directly with doctors, researchers, and nurses to identify the specific challenges they face in bringing new treatments to and caring for children with cancer. Our careful distribution of grants has allowed doctors and nurses to speed up the process of bringing the latest and most promising life-saving treatments to seriously ill children. The result is bringing hope to childhood cancer patients now and in the future.

  • PCRF is an equal opportunity organization.
  • No one is excluded from employment, membership on our governing body, or research support because of race, religion, sex, national origin, age or physical handicap.
  • No infrastructure or support services will be funded.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation awards four types of grants:

  • Emerging Investigator
  • Translational Research Grants
  • Basic Science Grants 
  • Designated Grant Programs

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Grant Process and Criteria

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation follows a carefully planned grant procedure in order to identify and fund the most promising next-generation treatments.


A carefully planned grant procedure guides the process that ensures the most promising research grants get funded by the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. All applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent. This process will open January 8th through March 1st. Refer to the PCRF Letters of Intent (LOI)  guidelines for specific details. The PCRF Scientific Advisory Board will review and approve Letters of Intent. Upon approval of the LOI, applicants will be notified in mid-March whether or not they are invited to submit a grant application through proposalCENTRAL. Completed applications must be electronically submitted through proposalCENTRAL by no later than 5:00pm PST on June 1st. Any application submitted after the June 1st deadline will not be considered. There will be no extensions granted to this deadline.

Scientific peer review is conducted by PCRF’s External  Review Committee according to the review criteria summarized below. The Scientific Review Committee will direct their recommendation for awards based on scientific merit to the PCRF Scientific Affairs Committee. The PCRF Board of Directors will consider the recommendations of the Scientific Affairs Committee and will determine the number and dollar amount of awards to be funded based on the budget approved for the year. 

The External Review Committee will review applications during the months of June through August. Applications will be judged on the Review Criteria (see below). If any application does not meet the goals of PCRF it will be disqualified. Applicants selected for funding will be notified during the period November 1st through December 31. Funding status is relayed by email only and not available by telephone. All priority scores are considered confidential and are available to the External Review Committee, Scientific Affairs Committee, PCRF Board of Directors, and administrative staff only. Written critiques of applications are not provided to applicants.