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The Sam Day Foundation
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About SDF

The Sam Day Foundation was founded in memory of Sam Day, who died from Ewing Sarcoma in 2016 at the age of 15. Sam fought his disease for six years. In that time, he endured multiple surgeries including two amputations, two out-of-state clinical trials, radiation treatments, and several high-dose chemotherapy regimens. During those difficult years, it became evident to Sam’s parents that childhood sarcoma treatment is exceptionally hard on young people, and leaves them at risk for serious health issues later in life. While many adult cancers have experienced hopeful improvements in survival rates, childhood cancer research lags behind in much-needed advancements. SDF exists to partner with the childhood cancer community in order to advance research for some of the most neglected and devastating childhood cancers

What we fund 

The Sam Day Foundation is interested in innovative research projects with a high likelihood of generating more curative and less toxic therapies to children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer. SDF is focused on the most destructive and challenging cancers in the field of pediatric oncology, and looks to partner with researchers and clinicians who demonstrate a commitment to creating a better future for young people with cancer.

The following are SDF research funding priorities 

• Pediatric, adolescent, and young adult sarcoma and brain tumors.

• Any phase of research from bench to bedside, including correlative studies.

• SDF is open to research studies focused on nutrition and childhood cancer. Studies that seek to improve long-term health outcomes, treatment tolerance, quality of life, and anti-cancer properties are of interest.

• Ultra-rare sarcoma and brain tumor research is encouraged and especially favorable in studies that are inclusive of more than one cancer.

• Clinical trial funding will be considered only for supported correlative biology. • SDF does not fund projects outside of the United States.

The Sam Day Foundation must be acknowledged when presenting data from any SDF funded project including oral presentation, poster presentation, journal manuscripts and publications. Grants will be awarded for up to $150,000 over one or two years.