Future V Foundation Opportunities

V Foundation
contact Sarah Laye for more information at slaye@som.umaryland.edu
Brief Description

We will again be offering grant opportunities to support pediatric cancer research, as well as our legacy programs, the V Scholar (supporting junior assistant professors) and Translational programs (supporting bench to bedside research toward new clinical trials). Please see approximate timeline below. 

We have increased the budgets for each of these programs. The V Scholar budget has increased from $200,000 paid over two years to $600,000 paid over three years. The Translational grant program budget increases from $600,000 paid over three years to $800,000 paid over four years. We are also introducing a new grant mechanism, the All-Star Award with a grant budget of $1,000,000 paid over 5 years. The All-Star will be offered only to previous V Scholar or Translational or Designated grant recipients who have completed a V Foundation research grant and are in good standing.

As always, these opportunities will be offered to cancer centers by invitation only. In 2023, these new RFAs will be offered monthly:

·         January - Women Scientists Innovation Award for Cancer Research (sent Jan 13th to adult cancer centers)

·         February – Translational

·         March - V Scholar

·         April - Pediatric Cancer research